Creatine is indisputably one of the most popular, and at the same time effective dietary supplements for athletes. It allows you to significantly improve your training results. Recently, however, creatine orotate became quite popular!

Creatine is β-methylguanidinoacetic acid, containing structural elements of guanidine and acetic acid. It’s mainly produced in the muscles. This is where up to 98% of creatine is created. The body uses it primarily as an additional source of energy. It’s thanks to creatine that we can exercise longer and more intensely, and also lift weights bigger than before. Creatine is the perfect alternative source of energy during training. It has anabolic and anti-catabolic action and stimulates the synthesis of new muscle fibres, that is, it contributes to the mass growth.

Creatine orotate allows you to increase the benefits of supplementation. It’s a combination of creatine and orotic acid. Thanks to creatine orotate, even longer and more intense workouts are possible. In addition, it strengthens cognitive functions, which is very useful during exercise. It also helps in maintaining the acid-alkaline balance of the body and positively affects the nervous system, which in the case of athletes is exposed to a particularly heavy load.

Creatine orotate is one of the most modern dietary supplements that will allow you to significantly increase the effectiveness of training and enjoy even more muscular figure, and additionally will improve your health and give you energy during every gym visits, and more!