Are you wondering why every bodybuilder dreams about raising their nitric oxide level effectively? Or maybe you know why it’s so important and you are always looking for an effective way to raise it as well? We present today one of the best boosters of nitric oxide, or irreplaceable citrulline!

Citrulline is an organic chemical compound from the group of alpha-amino acids, found in e.g. a watermelon – interestingly, citrulline was first isolated from watermelon. Citrulline is an endogenous amino acid. This means that it’s self-manufactured by the body and there is no need to provide it with food or through dietary supplements containing citrulline.

How does citrulline work?

Citrulline participates in the course of the urea cycle, thanks to which it effectively neutralizes the effect of harmful ammonia. It also has anti-catabolic effect, therefore it protects muscles against breakdown, which is particularly undesirable by bodybuilders. Interestingly, citrulline can significantly increase the effect of BCAA. However, the most important property of citrulline is that it stimulates the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide causes the blood vessels to expand and the muscles are better supplied with blood. As a result, more oxygen and nutrients reach them, which is why they gain better conditions for development. In addition, nitric oxide contributes to the effect of a ‘muscle pump’, loved by all supporters of strength sports. By improving blood circulation, citrulline can also improve erection.
In conclusion, citrulline has a very positive effect on the body, and in particular on the circulatory system and muscles. Any athlete who dreams of even greater effects and well-nourished muscle tissue should seriously consider citrulline supplementation.