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Whole Foods Nutrition

Your body was designed to get whole food nutrition from vitamins,whole food nutrition minerals, antioxidants and thousands of naturally occurring phytonutrients from live, whole foods, not from isolated synthetic vitamins, inorganic minerals, processed food or junk food.

The problem is that most people don't eat nutritious whole foods so they try to make up for the lack of good whole food nutrition by taking synthetic vitamins.

Trying to rely on synthetic vitamins for adequate nutrition is like trying to use diesel fuel in a car that requires gas. Your body is simply not built to work that way.

Synthetic vitamins are not recognized by your body the same way natural occurring vitamins in whole foods are. For example, synthetic vitamins are made from substances unnatural to your body, such as petroleum, coal, tar, acetone, formaldehyde and ammonia.

The minerals in many vitamin supplements are "inorganic" or basically crushed rocks.  Your body was designed to get minerals from "organic" sources such plants and live whole foods.

It's a fact: Your body does not recognize the actual chemical makeup of isolated synthetic vitamins or inorganic minerals in the same way it recognizes the natural nutrients found in fresh, live whole foods.

If you're depending on synthetic vitamins for nutrition, you may be disappointed. So why are live whole foods a better source of vitamins that synthetic supplements? Live whole foods contain vitamins and other beneficial substances that work together  to give you more nutrition than synthetic vitamins.

It is a fact that the most nutritionally dense foods are fruits, berries, greens, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouts. By eating these foods, you'll experience a variety of nutritional benefits that go beyond basic nutrition.

But now imagine getting more than 70-plus fresh, organic and naturally grown whole foods, together, in the best form: bioavailable and easily absorbed by your body. The is a new product called “The MannaFeast” that is in a class of its own.

You will not just get single isolated nutrients found in so many supplements. Every scoop of "Feast" gives you thousands of naturally occurring compounds from fresh whole food concentrates.

Living Feast provides a vast array of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, minerals, probiotics and more. They are all working together synergistically to give you REAL whole food based nutrition.

Imagine all these live, freshly harvested whole foods specially processed to give you everything you need for optimum assimilation and maximum effectiveness. All in a delicious, great tasting, easy to
prepare drink with the quantity, quality, variety, integrity and value of whole food based nutrition you'll love!

This is what you will experience only with the Feast. And now you know why it is said "Living Feast'' is the next best thing to you getting 5-9 servings of organic and naturally grown fruits and vegetables every day.